Leucospermum cordifolium


More commonly known as a Pincushion Protea 🖤 Proteas are indigenous to South Africa, and grow in acid, nutrient poor soils in the South Western Cape. It is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and occurs only in the winter rainfall areas. 
In the early hours of the morning the abundant nectar flow attracts a variety of small insects, which in turn attract the Cape Sugar bird and three species of Sunbird. These insectivorous birds consume the small insects as well as the nectar, and in the process transfer pollen from one flower to the next. The flowers are not self-pollinating and depend on the small Scarab beetles and the birds for pollination.

30 x 30cm Limited Edition (11.8in x 11.8in)

1 of 100 Limited Edition Print Signed by the artist

Museum Grade PFR295 FineArt Rag (295 g/m²)

Bespoke 30 x 30cm raw wooden frame Non-Reflective UV museum quality glass.

Weight N/A
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Unframed, Framed

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