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Brunsvigia orientalis

Commonly known as candelabra flower or sore-eye flower, the common name was first noted in about 1750 and apparently if you stared long enough at the flower you got sore eyes. A more likely explanation is that pollen in the eyes would account for the irritation. Birds, including sunbirds, are the chief pollinators. 

Brunsvigia orientalis

PriceFrom $300.00
  • $300 unframed


    40 x 40cm (1.2ft x 1.2ft) Limited Edition

    1 of 50 Limited Edition Print Signed by the artist

    PFR295 FineArt Rag (295 g/m²)


    $400 framed


    Bespoke 40 x 40cm raw wooden frame Non-Reflective UV museum quality glass