Aloe thraskii x arborescens

Wherever different Aloe species flower together in the wild one is likely to find natural hybrids. Hybridisation happens when a bird or an insect accidentally deposits pollen from one species on the flower(s) of another. The seeds that form as a result of this so-called cross-pollination hold the genetic key to plants that are different from both the parent plants. The resulting seedling(s) grow up to be hybrids showing a combination of characteristics of the parent plants. Normally the pollen ‘donor’ is called the father, and the seed bearing parent the mother plant.

Aloe thraskii x arborescens

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    70 x 70cm Limited Edition (2.3ft x 2.3ft)

    1 of 50 Limited Edition Print, Signed by the artist

    Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm


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    Bespoke 70 x 70cm raw wooden frame Non-Reflective UV museum quality glass