Aloe arborescens hybrid

Aloe arborescens has the third widest distribution of any aloe, and is one of the few aloes that can be found growing at sea level right up to the tops of mountains.

It was only after it was used to treat irradiation burn victims of Hiroshima that its healing properties received attention from the West. Extracts from the leaves have been widely investigated since then and shown significant wound healing.

Aloe arborescens hybrid

  • 100 x 100cm Limited Edition (3.2ft x 3.2ft)

    1 of 50 Limited Edition Print
     Signed by the artist

    PFR295 FineArt Rag (295 g/m²)

    Bespoke 100 x 100cm (3.2ft x 3.2ft)raw wooden frame Non-Reflective UV museum quality glass